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US Vice-President announces support for murderous attack on Freedom Flotilla

The Vice-President of the United States has said that he believes Israel "has the full right to intercept and inspect ships heading towards the Gaza Strip". This attempt by Joe Biden to justify the Israelis' murderous assault on, and hijacking of, aid vessels in international waters was part of the renewal of the USA's "commitment to Israel's security". Speaking on US television, Biden also said that Israel has a "right to say that it did not know what the ships were carrying to Gaza, from where missiles are fired [towards Israel]".

The Vice-President placed the blame for the deaths during the assault squarely on those on board the Freedom Flotilla for failing to heed to Zionist state's warnings for them to change course and allow the Israeli authorities to transport the flotilla's cargo to Gaza by land. This is not the first time that the victims of Israeli aggression have been blamed for their misfortune by the country's supporters seeking to divert blame from the Israelis.
On Wednesday, the US voted against the resolution by the UN Human Rights Council which condemns Israel for perpetrating a massacre against international activists, saying that it was a "hasty judgement".

Source: Washington – the Palestinian Information Centre

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