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6 April Movement condemns new protest law

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

The 6 April Youth Movement has condemned a new law restricting public protests that was signed by interim President Adly Mansour on Sunday. According to the movement, the “police” government only issues new laws that strengthen the repressive, dictator police state.

The movement issued the following statement on its website: “At a time when the Egyptian people’s problems are intensified as a result of high prices, suffocating traffic, a shortage of gas, corruption, neglect, insecurity, and social and political failure, the government, which only came to power on the shoulders of the protestors, issues a new law banning protests and allowing security forces to repress them, depriving the people of the rights they have obtained with their blood. The 6 April Youth Movement denounces the notorious protest law issued by the interim president, unilaterally and arbitrarily in the absence of elected institutions that represent the Egyptian people, and despite the objections of various political forces and human rights organisations. Authoritarian laws have never terrified us before and they will not terrify us now. We will continue to demand the right to justice and freedom. We will stand against anyone who even considers repressing Egyptians’ freedom. We will stand against any regime which considers stealing the January Revolution’s gains.”