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After freeing real killers, Egypt set to prosecute elected president

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am


The Egyptian judiciary is to prosecute ousted president Mohammed Morsi, the first ever elected Egyptian president, for inciting the killing of protesters, Reuters reported on Monday.

A report published by Reuters said that the same judiciary had protected security staff that had actually killed protesters on January 25, by giving them innocent verdicts.

Commenting on the severe security crackdown on the members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Reuters said that this provoked fear that the current government, supported by the army, could regain control of the state’s security.

Reuters said that “Morsi, who was removed by the army on July 3, was to sit on trial on Monday in the court of the Police Academy in Cairo, the same place where former president Hosni Mubarak appeared after he was deposed in 2011.”

According to Reuters, the popular uprising, which ousted Mubarak in 2011, reinforced Egyptians’ hopes of freeing their country from the military’s hold.

Reuters continued that political change continued to face obstacles as the army regained control over the authorities.

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