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Al Awa reveals details of meeting with President Morsi

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am


Mohammad Salim Al-Awa, a member of the legal committee defending Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, and 13 members of his government, revealed details of his half hour meeting with Morsi in Burj Al-Arab prison. He said that the President was in good health and high spirits. Al-Awa and two lawyers met with Morsi and the 13 defendants and said that Morsi has said he is sticking to his legitimate right as Egypt’s elected President to refuse to comply with the investigators or to answer their questions saying, “as head of the State, there should be special procedures to prosecute” him.

Al-Awa said Morsi was held in a military base near Alexandria which the investigators travelled to by aircraft whilst blindfolded. President Morsi refused to recognise the trial, the attorney general and the military coup which ousted him from power, advising the judges not to engage in the crime against legitimacy.

Al-Awa told Al-Jazeera that Morsi had a clear and reasonable stance towards the trial based on the law, the constitution and the people’s will. The Freedom and Justice Party has commissioned Al-Awa to represent President Mohammad Morsi, who had insisted on representing himself, saying the trial was invalid.