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Calls to remove Egyptian PM after gunfire kills three in church wedding

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

On Sunday, Egyptian Copts and activist groups blamed the current Egyptian Prime Minister, Hazem Al-Beblawi, and the interim government for the gunfire that targeted a church and resulted in three deaths in the Al-Waraq neighbourhood in Giza.

They also blamed officials in the ministry of interior and charged that they do not provide enough protection for churches in Egypt.

After the incident, Copts, activists and human rights organisations called for Al-Beblawi’s resignation.

Director of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights Najib Gabriel also called for the immediate resignation of Al-Beblawi, who is responsible, according to Gabriel, for the killings during the wedding that took place in the Virgin Mary Church.

The Founder of the Christian movement Copts without Borders, Sahrif Ramzi, said: “This government is unable to protect the simplest of rights, namely safeguarding places of worship. It is a partner in all violence against Copts. Therefore, it has to quit.”

The 6 April movement expressed deep concerns for the deaths and described the current situation in Egypt as “very difficult”.

In a statement, the movement said: “This incident reflects the performance of the government. In the last few days, there have been many terrorist incidents. This proves that there is a clear security lapse by the government.”

The movement called for the resignation of Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, and for a swift reshuffling in the structure of the police services.