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Christian Science Monitor: Egypt hasn't seen stability or order since Morsi's ouster

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

The American journal, Christian Science Monitor reported on Wednesday that Egypt has not had any order since Mohammed Morsi was ousted from the presidency and warned that the situation could get even worse.

The journal added that Egypt is living through one of its worst periods as bloodshed becomes the norm in the Arab world’s largest country.

The military had intervened and ousted Morsi on the grounds that “Egypt risked a period of prolonged instability and violence if they didn’t step in,” the journal said.

Eyebrows were raised by the journals claims that the number of protesters in Tahrir Square on 30 June were “modest”, “When Egypt’s military ousted the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi from the presidency in early June, it was based on a modest public presence. Hordes of protesters against his government had demonstrated, he’d lost any mandate to lead.”

But since Morsi’s ouster, a wave of chaos has swept the country and Egypt could now be more unstable than it was in the last days of Mubarak’s reign, “the worry has been that a winner-takes-all approach to Egypt’s political development, with the losers facing annihilation, could spawn even worse instability than Egypt has endured since the end of the military-backed dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak in February 2011,” Christian Science Monitor said.

It attributed the chaos to the military-backed interim government’s focus on eliminating the Muslim Brotherhood group from political life rather than conducting other reforms that should have taken priority.