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Committee of Fifty member admits "forgery" in new Constitution


The leader of the Egyptian Democratic Party, Mohamed Abul-Ghar, has claimed that military officials amended the proposed new Constitution after it was approved by the drafting Committee of Fifty, of which he is a member, without notifying all of the members. Abul-Ghar made the claim to the pro-coup TV channel Al-Tahrir. He said that an amended copy of the Constitution was distributed to the committee members during a celebration dinner organised for them by the army.

According to Abul-Ghar, the only one who noticed the changes was the representative of the Catholic Church, Pope Antonius.

The liberal Abul-Ghar placed the responsibility for the amended document on the head of the Committee of Fifty, Amr Moussa, who affirmed that Egypt is a state with a civil government. When Moussa was asked about this point, he said: "Civil government is similar to civil governance." Abul-Ghar said that all of the committee members kept silent when such subtle changes were disclosed. He described what happened as "heresy".

When asked by the presenter of the programme whether there was forgery involved, he said yes, but then, when asked again, he said, "I don't want to say there was forgery involved; the incident happened, and we are over it. I do not want to affect the referendum."

The presenter of the programme then mocked Abul-Ghar and the other liberals who kept silent about the forgery. She reminded him about what they used to do when the Islamists were in control.

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