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Egypt arrests chief lawyer of the 7 am Movement

February 5, 2014 at 2:04 am

Egyptian security forces have arrested advocate Ahmed Al-Hamraoui, the chief lawyer of the legal team defending the 21 female members of the “7 am Movement”, which opposes the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi. Mr Al-Hamraoui is reported to have been taken to Alexandria’s Security Directorate only days before an appeals court hearing is scheduled to discuss the decision to sentence the women to 11 years in prison for taking part in a peaceful anti-coup protest.

Al-Hamraoui is the most prominent lawyer in Alexandria and is well known for representing political activists and those involved in labour issues.

Meanwhile, on Sunday evening Egyptian police and security forces arrested 12 people who refused to disperse an anti-coup demonstration outside Ibrahim Mosque in the city. Dozens were injured when police fired tear gas canisters at the demonstrators.