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Egypt bans prominent sheikhs from preaching in mosques without prior permits

Egypt's awqaf ministry has announced that it is banning prominent Salafist scholars in Egypt from preaching at mosques unless they receive prior permits.

The ban includes Sheikh Abu-Shaq Al-Howaini, Sheikh Mohamed Hassan and Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yacoub. All three sheikhs are member of the Salafist Council of Religious Scholars and leaders of the Salafist movement in Egypt.

According to the ministry's information centre, the three men now need prior permits if they want to deliver a speech in any of the mosques in Egypt. Media reports have reiterated that it is the first time such a measure has been taken since former President Hosni Mubarak was ousted.

As a result of the ban, sources say that a sermon by Sheikh Al-Howaini, which was originally scheduled for last week at the Al-Hosari Mosque in the city of Six October, was cancelled. The planned sermon had been announced to the public one week earlier.

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