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Egypt to re-evaluate relations with Turkey

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

The interim Egyptian presidents’ spokesman, Ehab Badawi, has said that Egypt will reassess its relations with Turkey in light of Turkey’s contradictory messages towards the country. Badawi said the “Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s, narrow partisan vision has forced Egypt and Turkish- Egyptian relations towards a path that Egypt had been careful to avoid out of respect to our historical relations”. Badawi said “the Turkish Prime Minister’s statements are made as calls emerge demanding the Egyptian ambassador return to Ankara”.

Badawi’s comments followed statements by the Turkish Prime Minister on events in Egypt. Erdogan said “the Rabaa al Adawiya four finger symbol by ousted President Mohammed Morsi supporters is not a mere symbol of the Egyptian people’s just cause. It has become a symbol to denounce injustice and oppression all over the world”.

The Turkish foreign ministry has released a statement demanding Egypt release all political prisoners including Mohammed Morsi, saying such a move would significantly contribute to achieving reconciliation and dialogue.

The Egyptian foreign ministry condemned Erdogan’s speech during the Justice and Development Party’s meeting, saying the Turkish Prime Minister’s remarks come after a series of statements made by Turkish officials.

The Egyptian foreign ministry’s statement said “the Turkish officials insist on falsifying facts about the situation in Egypt and defying the will of the Egyptian people. The most recent statement by the Turkish foreign ministry on Monday is an unacceptable interference in Egypt’s internal affairs.”