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Egyptian official: Depending on US aid has been a mistake

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

Egypt’s interim Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy expressed his regret on Thursday over his country’s total dependence on US aid for decades without diversifying its options, pointing out that he would not be surprised if the US eventually decides to completely suspend the aid that Egypt has been receiving ever since 1979.

Fahmy acknowledged that Egyptian-American relations are currently “shaky” following a US decision to partially freeze aid to Egypt, especially military aid to Cairo.

During a press conference, the Minister said: “We are now at a delicate stage that reflects the turmoil in US-Egyptian relations. Those who say otherwise are mistaken.”

Fahmy admitted that he was not surprised by the US decision to cut aid, but stressed that this decision is not the issue; the real problem has existed for many years.

He explained that, “Egypt has been dependent on US aid for 30 years without ever expanding its options. Therefore, the US mistakenly believes that Egypt will always support its policies and objectives.”