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Egyptian writer: Military coup in Egypt has become corrosive

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

Prominent Egyptian writer Salim Azouz has affirmed that the military coup is corroding and has already started to eat its sons.

Azouz, an independent writer who opposed President Mohamed Morsi as well as the military coup, spoke to Al-Jazeera about the threats and vocal attacks against retired General Sami Anan.

He observed that such attacks on one of the coup’s sons show how the coup is corroding. He also pointed out that: “Anan is still enjoying power inside the army and he still has his men who are loyal to him.”

According to Azouz, there are different factions inside the army and there are now conflicts between the hawks and the doves. He suggests these conflicts prove that the coup is about to collapse from internal disputes.

Commenting on Catherine Ashton’s visit, Azouz thinks she visited Egypt in order to save the coup by putting pressure on the supporters of constitutional legitimacy. He said that she asked them to accept the de facto situation.