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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood accuses the West of orchestrating coup

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has accused Western governments of ousting third world countries regimes with paths contrary to the West’s interests.

In a letter from the Brotherhood, they said that “the West neglected Egypt’s democratic process which aimed to achieve self-sufficiency because it contradicted Western interests. They had changed the elected government with financial support, among other means to abort the revolution.”

The Brotherhood accused “the West’s-affiliates of Egyptian politicians, who had lost elections, of thwarting the elected President Mohamed Morsi and his new regime utilising money and thugs assisted by the Ministry of Interior and the judiciary.

The letter accused the ambassadors of western countries in Egypt to exert pressure on Morsi to abandon his constitutional powers to the Prime Minister and to assume an honorary presidential position. According to the letter, Morsi refused the proposal which prompted the West to incite the army to intervene and oust him and his regime during meetings which took place with army leaders and some local politicians.

The letter also accused a number of ambassadors and senior officials of attempting to pressure the national forces to support the coup in order to disperse the sit- ins and accept the status quo.

On July 3rd Egypt’s defence minister, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, ousted elected President Mohamed Morsi and appointed the Supreme Constitutional Court chairman, Adli Mansour, as interim President until the next presidential elections. Egypt has since been witnessing daily demonstrations and marches condemning the coup and demanding the return of the constitutional legitimacy of President Morsi, the elected parliament and the Shura council and resume working with the constitution which al Sisi has halted.