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El-Baradei tweets stir up controversy in Egypt

Former interim Vice President Mohamed El-Baradei has stirred up controversy in Egypt with a series of tweets which followed a period of silence since his resignation in protest at the coup authorities' violence against pro-democracy demonstrators.

The security option to disperse the sits in, claimed El-baradei, could have been avoided. His resignation sparked widespread criticism from political forces behind the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi.

Insisting that "violence begets violence", El-Baradei tweeted on Sunday that "sovereign sources" inside some independent media outlets have led a "systematic fascist campaign" against the struggle to uphold the value of human life and achieve a national consensus.

Khaled Al-Masri, a spokesman for 6th April Youth Movement, said that El-Baradei's statement "is absolutely true". He told Anadolu news agency that some media outlets "are banging the drums of war" and refuse to listen to reason.

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