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Field study: 74 per cent of Egyptians feel the rise in prices

The Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research (Baseera) has revealed that 74 per cent of Egyptians experienced a considerable rise in prices in September as compared to August. The centre’s study confirmed that prices have risen 77 per cent in urban areas, 71 per cent in the suburbs, and 73 per cent along the coast and in Lower Egypt.

The director of the centre, Dr Magued Osman, said that the study was conducted to find out the extent to which citizens felt the rise in prices during the month of September in comparison with August, as well as to reveal their opinion regarding the decision to set a minimum wage.

Osman also added that in response to the minimum wage question, the majority of Egyptians suggested an ideal minimum wage of EGP 1540 a month, which is 28 per cent higher than the minimum wage proposed by the government, EGP 1200 a month. The percentage of those who suggested a minimum wage of EGY 1200 or less was around 47 per cent.

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