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French citizen killed by inmates while in Egyptian prison

A French citizen, who had been imprisoned after breaking curfew in Cairo, was killed by inmates in an Egyptian prison earlier this week.

Egyptian security sources said that the Frenchman had a dispute with six Egyptians who were placed in the same prison cell. He was waiting to be deported because he did not hold a valid residence permit.

The inmates wanted to switch the light off, while he insisted on leaving it on. They clashed and the inmates hit him in the head, causing internal hemorrhage that later led to his death.

Security sources said that he was caught during the night, when the curfew was active, and without a valid visa the Egyptian public prosecutor decided to deport him.

Contradictory news emerged about the time of his death. While Egyptian security sources said that he was detained at the beginning of the week and was killed on Sunday, a French official said that he was killed on Friday inside the Egyptian prison.

Egyptian authorities have imposed a state of emergency because of the continuous demonstrations that started in the wake of the military coup against elected President Mohammed Morsi and the mass killing, wounding and arresting of thousands of his supporters.

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