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General Al-Sisi discusses his 'prophecies' in latest leaked recording

February 5, 2014 at 1:47 am


Another controversial recording of Egyptian Defence Minister General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has been leaked to the media. During an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, Al-Sisi recalls his visions in a way that sounds more like divine prophecies than mere dreams.

In the recording, Al-Sisi tells the newspaper’s chief editor: “I have a long history with visions, but this is confidential and exclusive to you as I had actually stopped talking about my visions about seven or eight years ago. But I do have many visions. They started nearly 35 years ago and nobody could ever interpret them. For example, I once saw myself carrying a sword with ‘No God but Allah’ engraved on it in red. I also saw myself once wearing an Omega watch with a big green star engraved on it and people asked me why would you have such a watch? I told them this is my Omega watch and my name is Abdel Fattah; I mean, I put the world famous Omega and my name Abdel Fattah together. In a third dream, I heard someone telling me: ‘We will grant you what we have never granted anyone’. In another, I saw President Sadat, and he told me that he knew he would be president of Egypt so I responded that I know I will be president too.”

None of these leaked comments were printed in the published interview.

Another leaked recording of Al-Sisi that was released earlier this month captured him claiming that: “the US administration is keen to continue its financial assistance to Egypt; but the problem is to legitimise Egypt’s coup.”

In yet another leaked recording of the General during a meeting with army officers, which dates back to December 2012, Al-Sisi is heard telling the attendees: “We have stripped Egypt’s presidency although the constitution was signed. The parliament and the shura council are long gone. The interior ministry has sustained a severe blow that nearly destroyed it. The state’s foundations have sustained a severe blow, almost toppling them.”

General Al-Sisi orchestrated a military coup that toppled elected President Mohammed Morsi on July 3, sparking the bloodiest era in Egypt’s modern history.