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Hamas calls to probe sexual abuse of Palestinians in Egypt

A member of the Hamas Political Bureau, Izzat Al-Reshiq, has called for clarifications from the Egyptian government regarding the allegations of sexual harassment and rape of Palestinians refugees in Egyptian prisons.

On his Facebook page, Al-Reshiq wrote: "I am surprised and wondering how Egypt's authorities could arrest Palestinian families who fled the fire of war in Syria? Have the officials there heard about the sexual harassment against female prisoners at the Cairo and Alexandria prisons?"

He continued: "I am sure that the decision to sail to Europe seeking safety was not easy for the refugees to make, but they preferred the danger of the sea over the war in Syria and the undignified treatment in Egypt."

Al-Reshiq's remarks came after reports were confirmed by Syrian and international organisations speaking on this issue.

"The information coming from Egypt says that the Palestinians were sexually harassed and raped because they tried to leave the country [Egypt] illegally," Al-Reshiq revealed.

Concluding his Facebook post, he appealed: "We call upon the Egyptian authorities to clarify this issue and to announce its position. We call for putting those responsible for these crimes to trial."

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