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Libyan government threatens force against unauthorised oil tankers

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

The Libyan ministry of defence spokesman, Abdul Razak Chabahi has confirmed that “the ministry has issued orders to the air force, the navy and coast guards to attack any vessel or oil tanker that enters Libyan territorial waters without prior permission”.

Chabahi had earlier confirmed that the ministry had received information stating that an unidentified oil tanker had attempted to enter the Libyan waters without a contract with the ministry of oil and gas, but it did not actually reach Libyan water.

He added that the ministry of defence issued a “severe warning” saying “it will resort to military options to deal with any tanker attempts to infringe the capabilities of the Libyan people. Any similar action is considered illegal and represents an attack on the sovereignty of the state and therefore, must be deterred”.