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Muslim Brotherhood accuses US of supporting Egypt's coup

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

The Secretary General of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Dr Mahmoud Hussein, has denounced the recent statements by US Secretary of State John Kerry, who described the Muslim Brotherhood as the most organised group in Egypt to hijack the 2011 revolution that toppled Mubarak.

Hussein said in a press release on Thursday: “the media has circulated some strange and bizarre statements attributed to Mr Kerry, in which he claims that the Muslim Brotherhood has hijacked the 25 January Revolution. The facts and the course of history indicate that such statements are a clear twisting of the truth not only about the Muslim Brotherhood but about their opponents as well.”

Hussein demanded for Kerry to review the facts, suggesting that: “Mr Kerry should mandate one of his aides to read for him Egypt’s official newspapers that were released since 25 January until the fall of Mubarak and to translate for him the televised interviews of many Egyptian liberals who admitted at the time that unless the Muslim Brotherhood had interfered during the Battle of the Camel, the revolution would have failed. I wish he would ask his aides to explain to him that the Muslim Brotherhood won the parliament, the Shura Council and Egypt’s presidency through free and fair elections supervised by the military council and, among others, former US President Jimmy Carter. Election observers in Egypt and abroad commended the high participation rate when millions of Egyptians casted their votes for the first time in their history.”

Hussein concluded his statement by saying: “The US administration supported the military coup and continues to interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs, overlooking the massacres and arbitrary measures exercised by the coup government in Egypt rather than helping to correct its errors and put into practice its stated position of fully supporting democracy and freedom. The course of events has proven that the US only supports these principles in America while in our countries it is the largest supporter of dictatorship and the suppression of freedoms.”