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Muslim Brotherhood raises concerns about delay of Morsi's hearing

February 5, 2014 at 12:51 am

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned on Wednesday the adjournment of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi’s hearing under the pretext that bad weather hindered bringing him to court in Cairo from his prison in Alexandria.

In a statement, the MB said, “Egyptian people have long waited to see their legal president, whom they elected, even in a biased court. Oppression promotes the persistence and the pride of free people. The coup authorities claimed that bad weather prevented bringing him to court, but the weather conditions are not a secret that people do not know about.

“The coup authorities have been in the habit of lying and cheating since the beginning. This violent authority has banned Morsi’s family and lawyer from visiting him several times, despite permission form the Public Prosecution. In a clear violation of human rights, the Public Prosecution itself has stopped issuing visit permissions.

“Fearing an unarmed man in the catch of the army and police forces that are heavily equipped with the most modern and strong weapons, proves that right will defeat power, faith is more sublime than authority, courage and persistence are the fruits of certitude and sacrifice is accepted for the sake of a nation that loved its country.

“Therefore, the people exchange mutual love and sacrifice with the president.”

The statement added: “The persistence of the oppressive authority to hide the president, ban his visits and not bring him to court raise concerns about his life, health and safety. Being held by a group of murderers and bloodsuckers, who do not fear God or respect the sanctity of life doubles our concerns.

“In the light of this situation, we demand our right to be reassured about our president, allow his family to visit him and call for all human rights organisations around the globe, including the UN secretary general, to work on achieving these demands.”

The statement concluded by calling for Egyptian in Egypt and outside to escalate their anti-coup activities and “to keep on until we get assurances about our president an end to the coup, which is likely seeking to destroy all of Egypt.”

Source: Pls48