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National Alliance against the coup in Egypt praises demonstrators

February 5, 2014 at 1:47 am

The National Alliance against the Coup in Egypt has evaluated the persistence of rebels who have demonstrated despite heavy rain and violent storms. The Alliance described their persistence as a “strong message for the coup leaders.”

In light of the continuous demonstrations the Alliance warned of any repression and violence that might be used against the demonstrators.

The Alliance addressed, in a statement, the anti-coup demonstrators as the rebels who won the revolution through their persistence. “You regained our dignity and the freedom of Egypt,” the statement said. It noted that words of praise do not match their sacrifices in this severe cold.

Addressing the coup leaders the statement said: “The message of those demonstrators should have reached everyone.”

It also said that the coup is ending soon and therefore, “no one has to involve himself in more massacres… no one will escape retribution.”

The statement pointed out that the Alliance praised the fact that the revolution was still peaceful despite the violence carried out by the army and the police. The violence led to the death of two students recently.

Calling for the students to maintain leadership in this stage of the revolution, the Alliance commended the student movement and raised the slogan, “students fuel the revolution.”

It also called them to chant: “Despite snow and cold, down with the military regime, Rabaa will remain in heart, Allah is the Greater and the revolution is continuous until retribution is done.”