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Al-Beltaji insists that right will always win over wrong

February 7, 2014 at 2:42 pm

Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr Mohamed Al-Beltaji has insisted in a letter sent from his prison cell that “right will always win over wrong in the end”. The leading member of the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy is being held by the coup government in the Lehman Torah Prison.

“Justice will always win over injustice,” he told supporters, “and freedom will win over repression and oppression.” The people will have their victory over the military eventually, added Al-Beltaji, because the democratic will of the people has more legitimacy than a military coup. “Pharaoh’s downfall will follow and peace will reign over bloodshed, murder and arson.”

Asking rhetorically when that might be, Dr Al-Beltaji quoted a verse from the Qur’an to answer his own question: “Perhaps it will be soon…”