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Al-Beltaji's mother tells him to stick to the right path and Egyptians will defend the revolution

The mother of the Freedom and Justice Party's Mohamed al-Beltaji has sent a message to her son telling him to "stick to the right". She assured him that Egyptians will defend the revolution.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Mubashir Misr (Egypt Live), Umm Mohamed added that her son was brought up on true Islam and was the first among his colleagues at all stages of his education right up to his graduation from the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Azhar University. According to his mother, the university broke the rules and did not assign him to an instructor immediately after he finished his studies because of his patriotic activities. She said that she used to encourage him to work for the sake of the country.

Al-Beltaji's mother told the satellite news station of her sadness at the death of her granddaughter Asmaa, who was killed in the bloody dispersal of Rabaa Al-Adawiyya Square on August 14. However, it was the 17 year old's wish to be a martyr, she said.

In a direct message to her son, Umm Mohamed said, "Be steadfast; if you were arrested, there are thousands who are in the same position as you, defending your issue. You have offered all that you can so Allah is going to make you and the people victorious."

To the people of Egypt she said: "Keep on with your revolution and do not feel fearful since victory comes for those who offer too much and continue their efforts. Allah is going to make His deen [religion; Islam] and those who are oppressed for the sake of the deen victorious." The people need to be prepared to sacrifice much for their country, she added.

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