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Conscience Front: No international intention to resolve Egypt crisis

February 7, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Leader of the National Conscience Front, Ambassador Ibrahim Yursi, has criticised the international reaction to the crisis in Egypt. He said, “There is no international desire to resolve the crisis in Egypt because all parties are satisfied with what happens in Egypt since they don’t want to see it develop.”

Yusri said in a statement on Thursday that since 1945 this has be the policy of the US and Europe toward Egypt. He added, “We should not rely on them”.

According to Anadolu News Agency, Yusri described the calling in of Egypt’s ambassadors by some western countries and the calls by Britain, France and Australia for a meeting of the Security Council as actions taken only to save face before their own people.

On the regional level Ambassador Ibrahim Yursi said, “Some Arab rulers do not want Egypt to develop. They want Egypt to be humiliated and dependent on their grants.” He pointed out that without the consent of Israel, America and Europe the coup would not have happened.