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Government doctors issue burial orders to victims families only if they accept death by suicide

February 7, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Egyptian cameraman, Mosab al-Shami’s mother has said that officials at Zinhom Morgue in Cairo asked her to agree a decision saying that her son had committed suicide.

Zinhom, the main morgue in Cairo, currently holds hundreds of pro-Morsi activists’ bodies, who were killed by the army and the police.

Families of the victims have issued complaints after officials asked them to accept that their sons had committed suicide before burial orders would be issued.

The mother of the cameraman, Mosab al-Shami, told al-Jazeera that she had been asked to accept that her son had not been killed by the police or the army, but had in fact, committed suicide before a burial order would be issued.

“After killing him and torching his body, they wanted me to support their decision that he had killed himself,” she told al-Jazeera.

Egyptian police also torched hundreds of bodies in the Rabaa al-Adawiya field clinic on Wednesday evening. Sheikh Salah Sultan and other doctors who were at the field clinic confirmed that the clinic had been torched whilst bodies of the dead protesters and the critically wounded were still in there.

Activists and analysts said that the Egyptian police had torched the corpses in order to conceal the massacre.

Dr Asmaa said, “when the police came and asked us to leave, they refused to give us time to evacuate even the wounded.”

“There was a father who was at the door who asked them to let him enter to get his wounded daughter out, but they refused,” she said.