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Muslim Brotherhood statement about Supreme Guide's arrest

February 7, 2014 at 3:06 pm

Below is the text of the statement by the Muslim Brotherhood:

The coup leaders seem to believe that the arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and the smear campaign against the group would subjugate Egyptians into surrendering so that they can rule with iron and fire.

However the coup leaders should understand that the cause has now become the cause of all Egyptians. The Egyptian people will not be subjugated nor surrender when they are killed, wounded or arrested in the thousands. The Egyptian people will continue their peaceful revolution and oppose the military coup and military rule.

The arrest of the Supreme Guide will not undermine the morale of the Muslim Brotherhood, the national coalition nor the Egyptian people either. His arrest will not prevent them from defending their most important principles: to restore the revolution of 25th January 2011 and to achieve its goals.

The coup leaders remember well how the Prophet’s companions reacted to the news of his murder during battle of Uhud. They took the news and fought until the end of the battle. With all respect to the differences between the two situations.

If the Supreme Guide is imprisoned, the Egyptian people will continue their peaceful struggle to restore all their rights. It does not surprise us when the coup dictators detain peaceful civilians who love Egypt and dedicate their life to serving their country even when imprisoned. They fabricate false accusations out of fear of the truth, honesty and sincerity of these men. Otherwise why kidnap the legitimate president Dr. Mohamed Morsi? Is it because the people elected him president of the republic? Why did they arrest the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the parties allied with it? Why monopolize the media and not allow anyone to respond with facts?

The Guide stood on February 2011 and told General Mohammed Assar, “Those who came before you have attempted to create divisions between us and the army. They have tried us unfairly in military courts and sentenced us to long prison terms. We served our time and departed still loving and respecting the Egyptian military because they are our brothers.”

This man is a distinguished scientist in his field. His research has received international awards. He is a university professor who serves as the Head of the College of Veterinary Medicine. Dozens of veterinarians, Masters and Doctoral students graduated under his supervision. He is an ethical educator. He contributed to the spiritual education of many people across the country. He believes in a peaceful approach to advocate and mobilise people. His last public words were, “Our revolution is peaceful and will remain peaceful. Our peacefulness is stronger than bullets.”

He is a consensual politician who called on all political forces in Egypt in numerous conferences under the title “For Egypt” to discuss the problems of Egypt. Some conferences took place before 25th January 2011 and some after. He called these powers to run on one electoral list during the last parliamentary elections.

Egypt will never become another dictator state that murders their righteous sons and reformers no matter how hard the coup leaders oppress us. Dear Egyptians, be patient and continue your revolution and rely on the Lord until you achieve your goals.