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Alexandria deputy governor says UAE's franchise deal of Suez Canal development lands is suspicious

February 8, 2014 at 2:13 am

The outgoing deputy governor of Alexandria, Dr Hassan al Berens, has said that the UAE’s sudden announcement of its gratitude to the temporary president of the coup in Egypt is due to the UAE’s attempt to obtain the franchise of the Suez Canal Development Axis Project. The project was a key component of President Morsi’s economic development platform.

Al Berens said, in a tweet circulated on social network websites, that this step raised many serious questions. Al Berens asked, “didn’t the media, along with the opposition, ridicule President Morsi over this project?” Al Berens pointed out that the opposition now shares power with Mubarak’s National Democratic Party.

He also questioned whether an international competition had been held to ensure that Egypt received the best bids. If no competition has taken place, then this has been a legal violation and a waste of Egyptian money.

He noted that the UAE would be harmed if the project succeeded because it would be a strong rival in the transit and assembly industries that bring in huge profits for the UAE. Suggesting that it would be in the UAE’s interest if it obtained the land then stalled the implementation of the project. The UAE’s leaders would be able to preserve interests in Israel, as a similar project in Eilat needs a year and a half before it can be implemented.

Al Berens also asked if this was part of a deal, and a price, that the coup leaders in Egypt are paying in return for the UAE’s support of the coup.

He asserted that the Egyptian people will not acknowledge any deals or agreements conducted by the illegitimate government that was brought to power by the coup.