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Anti-coup death toll reaches 271

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

The number of people killed in Egypt by the army, police, state security service and pro-coup thugs has reached 271; thousands more have been wounded.

The largest single incident was the massacre in front of the Republican Guards’ Club. According to the Egyptian Doctors Union, the death toll is now 84, with more than 1,000 wounded.

The state violence has not been limited to massacres in Cairo. Eighteen people were killed in and around Alexandria’s Sidi Jaber Mosque during an anti-coup protest there. Meanwhile, 135 were killed in attacks against the offices of Islamic parties in several governorates around the country.

At least one media outlet reported that the identity of the perpetrators is very clear in several widely disseminated videos. However, according to El-Shab newspaper, the Public Prosecution Service has only investigated the relatives of those killed and the political parties which took to the streets in peaceful protests against the military coup.