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Former presidential candidate: interim regime refused all initiatives to solve deadlock

February 8, 2014 at 1:48 am

Dr Salim al-Awa has said that official responses to initiatives offered to solve problems with pro-Morsi demonstrators were only demands to disperse the protests.

Al-Awa said that one of the initiatives was initially accepted, but that was in secret. The main demand by the officials was to disperse the rallies first.

He asserted that the protesters were simple and peaceful people who wanted to end the rule of the army that was ushered in with the coup.

Meanwhile, former presidential candidate Abdul-Minen Abul-Fotouh has said that this massacre is bigger than what has been condemned by anyone.

He called for trying those that carried out the massacres and described the current regime as irresponsible towards Egyptians.

Both Al-Awa and Abul-Fotouh spoke to Aljazeera.