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INTERPOL cancels Red Notice against Iraq's former VP - Al Hashimi

February 8, 2014 at 3:18 pm

The International Criminal Police Organization or INTERPOL has decided to cancel the red memorandum to arrest Iraq’s former Vice President Tareq Al Hashimi; Al Hashimi’s office reported.

Al Hamishi’s office said in a statement on Thursday that “the INTERPOL’s decision has proved that the Iraqi judiciary is politicized. The Iraqi government has been unable to provide tangible evidence against Al Hashimi. The Iraqi government and Iraq’s judiciary are politicized and therefore they are not respected by the international community. Unfortunately; the INTERPOL’S decision will not affect the Iraqi arena because the government refuses to admit to fabricating the causes against Al Hashimi and will move forward with its lie. Several International human rights organization including Amnesty International and the United Nations have reiterated through their reports that the Iraqi justice system is unbalanced”. The official said they were informed of the decision; however they have waited until a formal decision is issued.

The INTERPOL’s decision read “The International Criminal Police Organization Secretariat has fully investigated the allegations against Tareq Al Hashimi. The Organizations’ Secretariat believes the Iraqi government’s request lacks legal justification. The Iraqi government has submitted information and documents which lacked quality. Therefore; the INTERPOL’s Secretariat has decided on October, 8th 2013 to cancel the red notice against Al Hashimi and distribute the decision to all member States”.

The Iraqi judiciary has issued multiple court rulings against Tarek Al Hashimi and his defence team accounting to 23 death sentences and two life sentences in prison. Al Hashimi fled Iraq two years ago and currently resides in Turkey.

Source: Alamatonline