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Libya's Mufti criticises the military coup in Egypt

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

Libya’s Mufti Sheikh Al-Sadeq al-Gharyani has called what happened in Egypt a “coup on legitimacy” as a president, who was chosen through elections monitored and respected by international parties, was removed.

The Mufti called it a “setback” and warned of replicating it in his country.

In a statement he said that the mechanisms of the military coup in Egypt are similar to how the late Colonel Muamar al-Gaddafi swept into his position when he ruled the country.

The Mufti criticised removing the president, dropping the constitution and the Shura Council, as well as the detention of the coup opponents including the removed president.

He affirmed that this is no comparison to an electoral process, where votes are counted and sorted one by one, and instead mobilising people on the streets depending on a random methodology to estimate numbers.