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Mass rally in Egypt under "No to violence" banner

February 8, 2014 at 2:27 pm

More than 30 revolutionary, youth, political and Islamist parties are holding a mass rally today, Friday, under the banner of “No to violence”. The event is being held at the Rabaa Al-Adawiyya Mosque in Cairo’s Nasr City.

Participants will be calling for Egyptians to express their opinions on the political situation in the country peacefully and the lifting of the political veil from those planning criminal violence and chaos. Such campaigners who damage property and hurt people should, say today’s protestors, be treated as criminals, not “revolutionaries”.

Scholars from Al-Azhar University, members of the Constitution Council and other senior officials from various institutions are taking part in the rally, which is being seen as a measure of support for President Mohamed Morsi.

The parties organising the event called for all Egyptians to take part to show their support for their country and transparent democracy as the sole option to take Egypt out of its current instability.

Opposition parties, meanwhile, are planning a mass rally to take place on June 30, when they intend to call for the democratically-elected president to be deposed. Earlier this week, a senior human rights official in Egypt said opposition groups have the right to call for the system to be reformed but should not call for democratic choices to be overturned by force.

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