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Muslim Brotherhood will protect its offices during June 30 demo

February 8, 2014 at 2:27 pm

The Muslim Brotherhood will protect the movement’s offices across Egypt using its own members during the June 30 demonstrations by political opponents. Gamal Heshmat of the Freedom and Justice Party said that the Brotherhood will not be using private security companies to provide protection. The offices, he added, will not be closed on the day.

Indeed, the media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Ahmad Aref, stressed that all of the national and regional headquarters buildings will work normally during the June 30 demonstrations. He expressed his confidence that the people of Egypt are aware of the risk of allowing people to “burn” the country.

Regional official Hussein Ragheb described Egyptians as “peaceful by nature”. They will not, he insisted, “surrender to acts of sabotage and destruction” in their country.