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Student federation condemns coup for leading Egypt to destruction

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

Representatives of student unions and the executive office of the Federation of Egyptian Students have issued a statement condemning the military coup and warning of its likely effects on the country. The statement noted that the “glorious January 25 revolution” was carried out by the people of Egypt, “men and women, elders and youth”, but “mostly the students”.

The students pointed out that after years of having their pride, dignity and freedom stolen by a corrupt regime, the revolution regained the rights of the people, including the right to elect their representatives and president. This right, they insist, has been taken away again by the “body and tail” of the discredited Mubarak regime, which is using force to block the way to democracy.

“A bloody coup that does not know the language of dialogue, but knows the language of murder, repression and detention, has been imposed on us,” said the students, who emphasised the following:

1. We reject this brutal, bloody coup which is leading Egypt to destruction and chaos and taking it back to the era of corruption, oppression and tyranny. The people will not accept the return of the former regime and will never accept this coup.

2. We reject the violence committed in the name of the coup, including abduction and restrictions on freedom.

3. We refuse to talk about any governments or ministries or affiliated bodies as they are now based on the coup, which is rejected. The great Egyptian people didn’t achieve their revolution only for the coup organisers to jump on the democratic bandwagon drawn by the blood of the martyrs.

4. We stress that we are staging a sit-in and will continue to express our will by all peaceful means. We will be steadfast in the face of any violence, sacrificing our souls for the sake of this nation and its liberation from the shackles of corruption and tyranny.

5. Finally, we confirm that all peaceful options are available to us with no limit until we regain our full liberty through the democratic path, for which there is no substitute.