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Study reveals most Israelis would migrate for better job opportunities

Israel's Globes financial daily has released a study revealing that the majority of Israelis would be willing to migrate to another country for better employment opportunities. According to the study, the respondents said that the high cost of living, unemployment and dwindling opportunities in Israel are sufficient factors for them to consider a move.

The study revealed that economic migration is no longer confined to young people who seek better financial conditions, as was the case in the past; it has become a common goal for all generations. A quarter of those aged between 32-37 years old; 30 per cent of those aged 38-43 years old; and 39 per cent of people from the 44-49 age range said they would consider migrating away from Israel if job prospects were better elsewhere.

The 1,500 respondents work in different fields, including high-tech industries, agriculture, construction, infrastructure, financial management, security and industry. Agriculture and security workers are most likely to consider migration, across the age groups.

Source: Arabs48

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