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Abbas: Hamas' acceptance of elections begins the end to our divisions

February 10, 2014 at 10:52 am

In a speech addressed to a delegation of Arab journalists who were participating in a two-day tourism workshop in Hebron, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stressed “the need to achieve Palestinian reconciliation”, adding that “Hamas’ acceptance of the elections represents a beginning to ending the division and achieving national unity.”

Abbas explained that: “we are awaiting the end of the domestic situation that Egypt is witnessing before beginning the implementation of the reconciliation agreement and turning the page on our division,” insisting that “Egypt is the reconciliation’s sponsor.”

He added, “our position is strong, the case is powerful, and the world and the United Nations support us.”

Regarding the current peace negotiations, he stressed the importance of “holding onto the Palestinian foundations, and that there is no solution without Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state.” He added that “the issue of prisoners and detainees is his first priority,” affirming that at the end of this month the Palestinian prisoners will know freedom.

Abbas explained that, “the Arab position is supportive of all the Palestinian steps,” and he also praised the European position, which supports the Palestinian people and rejects the occupation and settlement of Palestinian lands since 1967. He focused on the European effort to label the settlement products that are sold in the European markets, highlighting “the Palestinian position that rejects the existence of Israel on the border with Jordan.”