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Activists call for urgent action to stop Israeli siege

February 10, 2014 at 11:56 am


In front of Palestinians wounded by Israel’s repeated attacks on the Gaza Strip, activists called on Wednesday for urgent action to stop Israeli measures against the coastal enclave.

Speaking to media from the scene, the independent Palestinian parliamentarian Jamal Al-Khodari called for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to take real steps, based on Egyptian and Qatari documents, ahead of ending the internal division.

Al-Khodari, who heads the Popular Committee Against the Siege, called for the world to “seriously act” towards lifting the siege. “I hope that the international day for solidarity with Palestine, 29 November, will mark the end of the siege,” he said.

He warned of Israeli plans to oppress Palestinians everywhere, stressing that the Israeli occupation inflicts suffering upon all Palestinians.

“Palestinians in Gaza suffer from the strict siege and the closure of the border crossings,” he noted. “In the West Bank they suffer from settlements and the Separation Wall, and in Jerusalem they face Judaisation and expulsion.”

He added: “In Palestine, occupied since 1948, Palestinians face ethnic cleansing as illustrated by the Prawer Plan. Nowhere in Palestine is better than anywhere else.”

Al-Khodari renewed his call to the international community to put real pressure on the Israeli occupation to lift the siege and to stop all the aggressions against Palestinians.

MEMO photographer: Mohammed Asad

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