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EU and Russia call for an end to support for Syrian opposition

The European Union and Russia have called for an end to support for armed groups in Syria, saying that they endanger regional stability.

EU Foreign Ministers demanded on Monday that all parties involved in providing such support should call a halt to helping armed groups that are active in Syria and to renounce violence. All should, insisted the EU, participate in the Geneva II Conference which aims to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

Russia's foreign minister said that the conference might take place before the end of the year. Sergei Lavrov warned of the possibility of using humanitarian channels to transfer arms to the Syrian opposition forces. He said that aid should be delivered through official state-controlled channels.

Western countries are pushing for Geneva II following the success of the United States in persuading Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to dismantle his chemical weapons. Israel has long feared the Syrian chemical arsenal.

Since the American success, the Western powers have toned down their support for the Syrian revolution and eased the pressure on Assad. The most obvious example of this was the US decision not to launch a military attack on Syria.

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