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Gaza fishermen finally experience some relief after Alexa

February 10, 2014 at 10:06 am


After the extreme storm wave that caused much damage in the Gaza Strip started to recede, besieged fishermen were finally able to catch abundant amounts of sardine on Tuesday night.

Fishermen in Gaza have experienced great suffering as a result of the strict Israeli measures that limit their access to the sea. Occupation authorities do not allow them to fish for more than a few miles distance and they are repeatedly under fire from Israeli marine forces.

Commenting on the sudden abundance of fish, one fisherman expressed gratitude for “the good chance”. But he also insisted that this brief opportunity does not compensate for the daily losses that fishermen in Gaza suffer as a result of the ongoing Israeli restrictions.

Meanwhile, a number of international and Palestinian activists, in cooperation with the Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights, have set up a protest tent in solidarity with the fishermen in Gaza.

Many fishermen have joined the protest, calling for urgent international action to soften the harsh Israeli measures against them.

The fishermen also pointed out that the occupation authorities have confiscated many of their fishing boats and equipment. Al-Mezan and several other human rights organisations have been documenting the ongoing Israeli aggressions against the fishermen in Gaza.

MEMO photographer: Mohammed Asad

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