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Hamas leader warns of approaching Israeli attack on Gaza Strip

Senior member of Hamas political bureau Mousa Abu-Marzouk warned on Friday "any new Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip will not be similar to previous attacks."

Posting on his Facebook page, Abu-Marzouk wrote: "Occupation leaders will regret any battle they go into in Gaza."

Abu-Marzouk posted his remarks commenting on what the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported that the Israeli army had carried out military exercises.

Maariv said that the Israeli forces carried out a mock reoccupation of the Gaza Strip. It said that ground forces prepared to spend four days in the Gaza Strip carrying out military exercises.

The Hamas leader added on his page: "Reports about military exercises coincide with remarks by senior Israeli officials that war on Gaza is coming sooner or later. The question is about time."

He said that the Israeli occupation does not care about rights, but it is working on finding a "pretext" for public opinion and the international community.

"In the light of these preparations to attack the Strip, no one can blame the Gaza residents when they prepare themselves and develop their primary abilities to protect themselves," he said.

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