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Israel issues arrest warrant for 4 year-old

February 10, 2014 at 11:49 am

The Israeli occupation authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a four year-old Palestinian boy from Jerusalem, the Wadi Hilweh Information Centre has reported.

According to the Centre, the Israeli authorities raided the house of Zine al-Majid in old Jerusalem to arrest his four year-old son Mohammed as part of an arrest campaign against the children of Jerusalem.

“A large Israeli force raided our house at dawn on Thursday,” said Mohammed’s father. “They asked me the names of my children so I told them, whereupon the officer in charge told me that they have to arrest Mohammed.” Even when he was told the boy’s age, the officer was not convinced, said Abu Mohammed. “They told me to wake him up.”

Once they had ascertained the boy’s age, the arrest warrant was not actually served. “I told them that if they want to take him they would have to pack his milk and nappies!” said Abu Mohammed.

Nevertheless, the officer asked the boy a few questions about him and his friends because a child is accused of injuring an Israeli settler. He told the family that if it is discovered that he was the one who injured the settler, the 4 year-old would be taken to the police station to be questioned.