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Israeli editor-in-chief says Israel will not abide by peaceful deal on Iran

February 10, 2014 at 2:32 pm

An editorial in a major Israeli newspaper on Monday argued that a unilateral Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear plants and other sites is the only solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis.

As editor-in-chief, Amos Regev wrote in Israel Today that he supports a “bad deal.” However, he still warned that: “At the end, there is only one way to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons: attack.”

He said that the Israeli army has proved it can do it. “It carried out impossible missions and it can carry out unbelievable things,” he added.

The article was written after Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry publicly disagreed over a potential deal on Iran’s nuclear programme. Netanyahu said that Israel would not abide by such a deal.

Regev explained that the US has a tremendous system that is able to attack Iran, but simply, the US “does not want to attack”.

He pointed out that Israel has a similar system, albeit a smaller one, which can also target underground facilities. It is not less efficient than the American system, and sometimes, it is even better. “Capabilities exist and our staff has been trained to use them,” he noted.

The chief editor added: “Everything is based on will, persistence and leadership. Basically, it is related to recognition and internal conviction that the knife of the butcher is placed on our neck.”

He continued: “There is no one we can depend on. We only can depend on ourselves. These are words that have been repeatedly mentioned by Netanyahu.”