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Jordan's Anti-Normalisation Committee condemns merchants importing Israeli goods

February 10, 2014 at 5:14 am

Jordan’s National Anti-Normalisation Committee (NANC), which lobbies against normalising relations with Israel, has condemned Jordanian merchants who import Israeli products into the Kingdom. The Committee asked the Jordanian government to strengthen regulations against foreign imports and to ensure the merchants adhere to disclosing detailed product information.

The Committee’s demands follow reports that a government control agency confiscated large amounts of Israeli “chips”, with the labels having been changed from Hebrew to Arabic to conceal its origins. “Such acts endanger citizens’ lives and undermine their right to boycott Israeli products. We demand the Jordanian government to act firmly with those who undermine our people’s lives, interests and principles” a statement from the Committee said.

The Committee considered the merchants to be greedy, of having abandoned their principles by importing Israeli goods and of resorting to fraud to hide the products country of origin, date of manufacture and actual components.

The Committee has reiterated its demand that the Jordanian government annul Jordan’s peace treaty with Israel, saying that new political realities dictate that the Kingdom should severe its diplomatic ties with Israel and join the boycott movement against it. According to the Committee Israel’s cruel, racist and expansionist ambitions does not allow for a normal relationship.

Source: Assabeel