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Lieberman: Geneva deal 'victory for Iranian diplomacy'

February 10, 2014 at 12:22 pm

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman expressed his sadness on Sunday over the deal reached in Geneva regarding Iran’s nuclear programme, calling it a “big victory for Iranian diplomacy”.

Speaking to Israeli Radio, Lieberman complained: “The deal recognises Iran’s right to enrich uranium.”

In the same context, the Israeli government condemned the deal. Officials suggested that Israel is not obligated to abide it, and insisted on Israel’s right to defend itself. “It is a bad deal,” an official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office remarked.

The right wing Israeli minister Naftali Bennett, a member of the reduced Israeli cabinet, commented that the deal is “extremely bad” and stressed that “Israel will not be committed to a deal that endangers its very existence.”

On Sunday, US President Barack Obama briefed Netanyahu on the deal. Obama reiterated America’s commitment to maintaining close consultations with its “friend” Israel.

Spokesperson for the White House Josh Earnest said that the two leaders reaffirmed the shared goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

“Consistent with our commitment to consult closely with our Israeli friends, the president told the prime minister that he wants the US and Israel to begin consultations immediately regarding our effort to negotiate a comprehensive solution,” Earnest said.

“The president underscored that the US will remain firm in our commitment to Israel which has good reason to be sceptical about Iran’s intentions,” he added.

Israel principally refuses a peaceful solution to Iran’s nuclear issue. It argues that increasing sanctions is the best way to deter Iran from developing an atomic bomb.

In the wake of announcing the deal, US Secretary of State John Kerry remarked that the deal guarantees Israel’s security, as well as the security of other US allies in the region.