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Muslim Brotherhood leader in Jordan rules out dissolving the movement

February 10, 2014 at 12:39 pm

Deputy Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan Zaki Bani Rasheid has warned that “dissolving the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan is a miscalculation that would have negative outcomes and consequences.”

Bani Rasheid noted that some mass media, in the wake of what happened in Egypt, have started to incite the public against the Muslim Brotherhood, calling it an “illegal and outcast” party.

Speaking to the Aswat Masriyah website, the senior Brotherhood leader described how the “Islamic movement has been reserved and always dealt peacefully with the regime in Jordan. It has avoided any conflicts and worked with the regime in a very civilised way.”

He explained that if such a step were taken to dissolve the Brotherhood, there is a risk that nobody would be able to control the outcome. “There might be groups that are not willing to abide by any decisions of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said, adding that such groups could carry out violence.

Regarding the possibility that the state would impose greater restrictions on the movement if it were to respond to any such dissolution, Bani Rsheid replied that: “As the Muslim Brotherhood, we have nothing to lose in Jordan. We have never contributed to the state institutions and we have no positions there.”

Bani Resheid said that the decision makers in the country have already decided to avoid any “security solutions” regarding the Brotherhood.

But he warned: “Based on what has happened in Egypt, nothing is ruled out.”