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One Palestinian killed and several arrested in Syria

February 10, 2014 at 11:17 am

The Action Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria said on Tuesday that a refugee has been killed and several more arrested during clashes between regime and opposition forces. Malik Al-Haj-Ali from Khan Al-Sheikh Refugee Camp was killed on Monday evening.

A statement from the group said that government forces searched a number of homes in Hama and arrested Jamil Al-Rehawi and Mahmoud Jomaa. Meanwhile, Mohamed Khalid was arrested at a checkpoint while he was travelling to university in Homs.

According to the Action Group, other refugee camps were bombed during the clashes. No causalities were reported, but most families fled from the Handarat Camp in Aleppo.

Relative calm was reported in Al-Yarmouk Camp, with refugees waiting for the 140-day siege to be lifted after an agreement was announced recently. Those in Al-Aidoun Camp reported massive explosions in the area; local sources claimed that they were caused by government forces.