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Palestinian MP criticises US-proposed framework agreement

February 10, 2014 at 5:39 am

Palestinian MP Mustafa Barghouthi has criticised the US-proposed framework agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, which more or less adopts the Israeli position on security, borders, Jerusalem and the refugees, and recognises Israel’s Jewish identity.

Barghouti, the Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, explained that if they accepted the proposed framework the Palestinians would repeat the same mistakes they made when they agreed to sign the Oslo Accords. This, he insisted, would allow Israel to continue settlement expansion on Palestinian lands and to impose more facts on the ground.

“The proposed framework converts a Palestinian sovereign State to isolated Bantustans similar to the ones that were prevalent in South Africa during the apartheid regime,” said Barghouti. “What is being proposed today confirms that we were right to call on the Palestinian leadership not to enter into negotiations with Israel until its settlement activity has been stopped completely and a clear reference for the negotiations has been set.”

The MP called on the Palestinian leadership to adopt an alternative to the negotiations, which Israel exploits to continue settlement expansion by changing the power balance. The Palestinians, he added, must depend on themselves to reconcile the factions and achieve national unity. “We have to enhance the popular resistance and impose embargoes and sanctions against Israel and to demand that the United Nations joins the boycott movement.”

Source: Quds Net News Agency