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UAE mediation in Dammaj fails

February 10, 2014 at 11:11 am

Several Yemeni sources reported that UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed has discussed during his recent visit to Iran on November 28 the Yemeni crisis in Dammaj area; northern Sanaa during which the Iranian officials asked the Minister to help resolve the ongoing crisis between Salafists fighters backed by a large segment of Yemeni people and tribes in UAE and Saudi Arabia and remnants of the former regime and Houthi fighters backed by Iran and some Gulf States. The Emirati Minister is reported to have welcomed the Iranian call and promised to help lift the siege imposed on Houthi fighters.

According to Yemeni sources who spoke to Arabi 21 news the Emiratis have instructed the Yemeni Ambassador in UAE Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh; son of the deposed President to communicate with Yemeni tribes and to encourage calming the situation in Dammaj. In turn; the Ambassador sought the assistance of the El Hajj Governor; Ahmad Abdullah Majidi and other governors affiliated with the former regime. However, surprisingly most of the tribal elders refused to intervene and did not accept the mediator’s temptations”.

Emirati authorities are said to have been using Yemen’s Ambassador to UAE Ahmed Ali Saleh since his appointment to communicate with the former regime’s men to destabilize the situation in Yemen using funds and support to parties who serve the interests of neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.