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Violence erupts near Yemen presidential palace

With tension mounting in cities across south-east Yemen, it has been reported that violent clashes have taken place near the country's presidential palace. A military official said that the capital Sanaa has witnessed a "bloody" day due to increasing lawlessness and an escalation of countermeasures by the security forces.

The official said that there is a rebellion by Special Guard personnel, who are staging a sit-in at the palace. Light weapons are in use, creating a sense of panic among residents. The protest, he explained, is againt the order to move to a different location. Local streets are apparently deserted.

In a related incident, militants assassinated Colonel Ahmed Al-Jaadabi, the head of the Police Academy Training Unit. His assassins ran away after shooting him in his car.

As violent confrontations continue south of Sanaa, air force jets have been seen flying over the area.

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